Enterprise Mobility Faces the Big Bad Wolf:

Enterprise mobility is entering the enterprise through any available opening — planned and unplanned.

Securing Manufacturing Data, Products and Systems in a Connected World:

As manufacturers enter a new era of connected products, systems and things, they face a complex range of challenges.

Reinvention of Enterprise Analytics:

Enabling more data sources and more data content constitute a transformation in IT culture. But that path forward isn’t always obvious.

Today’s Workplace: It’s All About the People:

Today’s workplace is at an inflection point: Workers have more choice, power and capabilities than ever before.

Agility Platform™ | Hybrid Cloud Management:

A single, consolidated cloud management platform that simplifies the complexities of public, private, and hybrid cloud management and governance

Designer Module | Cloud Application Blueprint:

Graphical workbench to assemble cloud portable stacks, templates, and complex application blueprints for deployment across diverse hybrid clouds

Store Module | Self-Service Portal:

Fully governed, self-service portal for on-demand provisioning of broad “as a service” offerings including 3rd party SaaS

Hybrid Cloud Services | As-a-Service Management for a Hybrid Cloud Environment:

An all in one, pay per use service to simplify the deployment, management and governance of applications across clouds and cloud providers.

Release Manager Module | Cloud DevOps:

Easy to use visual dashboard to promote software builds and deployment environments across the development lifecycle.

Operations Module | Cloud Management Console:

Consolidated runtime management console with fine-grain reporting and monitoring of workloads and clouds.