Corporate Social Responsibility

CSROur Corporate Responsibility program fosters our company’s growth by promoting and increasing the value of Vanquish Tech to our clients, communities and employees.

Environmental Sustainability Policy - CSC

Environmental Sustainability Policy

As a global IT provider, we view the minimizing of our impact on the environment as a key business principle.

Energy and Emissions Management - CSC

Energy and Emissions Management

Learn about how WE are reducing our carbon footprint through energy and emissions reductions.

Sustainability Solutions - CSC

Sustainability Solutions

Our framework of sustainability services and offerings extend throughout the enterprise.

Responsible Supply Chain

Responsible Supply Chain

Learn more about our principles to ensure environmental and human rights performance in our supply chain.

Ethics and Values

Our Code of Conduct reflects our corporate values and describes our company policies for appropriate business conduct.

Human Rights - CSC

Human Rights

We are committed to the protection and advancement of human rights in our worldwide operations.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing - CSC

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

We are committed to providing safe working conditions, and has dedicated programs to protect and promote a healthy and safe workplace.

Talent Recruitment and Development

Talent Recruitment and Development

Learn how we recruit, retain and offer career advancement opportunities to our employees.